Mr. Edmund Tei Sottie PhD

Principal Research Scientist & Head of Division

Mrs. Nikki Owiredu

Senior Research Scientist

Ms. Theresah Nkrumah

Principal Technologist (Meat Science)

Ms. Sheila Aikins-Wilson

Research Scientist

Mr. Thomas Agyei Ansong

Principal Technologist (Food & Post-Harvest)

Focus of Division
  1. Develop new products
  2. Develop technologies to extend the shelf-life of livestock products
  3. Develop improved technologies for the promotion of livestock-based food safety standards
  4. Increase the market share of CSIR- Animal Research Institute products
Current R & D Activities
  • Food (Meat) safety with emphasis on food-borne bacteria
  • Epidemiology of important zoonoses in food and human-animal-environment interface
  • Antimicrobial resistance of zoonotic bacterial pathogens
  • Meat Quality Modifications (Packaging, Nutrition, Value addition)
  • Biogenic amines in fish for improving quality and shelf- life of salted and fermented fish
  • Value addition, shelf-life improvement, smoking methods of fermented meat and fish
  • Postharvest handling of animal products
  • Genotype by environment interactions on factors influencing phenotypic characteristics of farm animals
  • Polymorphisms in the myostatin and GHRL genes in the Shorthorn cattle in Ghana
  • Association of the myostatin and GHRL genes with growth and carcass traits
  • Molecular identification of meat
  • Dried egg products development (Egg Powders)
  • Extraction of lipids from egg yolk
  • Development of liquid fertilizer from animal urine
  • Evaluate food safety knowledge and practices of Ghanaian consumers with regards to meat handling and consumption.
  • Develop a Quantitative Risk Assessment model to predict consumers the burden and Campylobacteriosis associated with retail meat consumers

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