New Products & Food Safety Division

Mr. Edmund Tei Sottie PhD

Principal Research Scientist (Head of Division)

Mrs. Nikki Owiredu

Senior Research Scientist

Ms. Theresah Nkrumah

Principal Technologist (Meat Science)

Mr. Thomas Agyei Ansong

Principal Technologist (Food & Post-Harvest)

Ms. Sheila Aikins-Wilson

Research Scientist

  1. Develop new products.
  2. Develop technologies to extend the shelf-life of livestock products.
  3. Develop improved technologies for the promotion of livestock-based food safety standards.
  4. Increase the market share of CSIR- Animal Research Institute products.
  • Food (Meat) safety with emphasis on food-borne bacteria.
  • Epidemiology of important zoonoses in food and human-animal-environment interface.
  • Antimicrobial resistance of zoonotic bacterial pathogens.
  • Meat Quality Modifications (Packaging, Nutrition, Value addition).
  • Biogenic amines in fish for improving quality and shelf- life of salted and fermented fish.
  • Value addition, shelf-life improvement, smoking methods of fermented meat and fish.
  • Postharvest handling of animal products.
  • Genotype by environment interactions on factors influencing phenotypic characteristics of farm animals.
  • Polymorphisms in the myostatin and GHRL genes in the Shorthorn cattle in Ghana.
  • Association of the myostatin and GHRL genes with growth and carcass traits.
  • Molecular identification of meat.
  • Dried egg products development (Egg Powders).
  • Extraction of lipids from egg yolk.
  • Development of liquid fertilizer from animal urine.
  • Evaluate food safety knowledge and practices of Ghanaian consumers with regards to meat handling and consumption.
  • Develop a Quantitative Risk Assessment model to predict consumers the burden and Campylobacteriosis associated with retail meat consumers.