Animal Health Division

Ms. Doris Yaa Osei

Senior Research Scientist & Head of Division

Ms. Doreen Dela Owusu-Ntumy

Research Scientist

Mr. Emmanuel K. Nkegbe

Research Scientists

Ms. Sylvia Afriyie Squire PhD.

Research Scientist

The Director
Mr. Kwadwo Yeboah Boateng, DVM

Principal Technologist (Veterinary Surgeon)

Ms. Hilda E. Ohene-Asa DVM

Principal Technologist

Ms. Rita Ohene Larbi

Principal Technologist (Microbiology)

Mrs. Jennifer Afrifa Yamoah, PhD

Research Scientist

  1. Play a role in companion animal health research
  2. Participate in the NTD grant scheme
  3. Develop protocols for early detection of common livestock diseases
  4. Develop rapid response protocols for common livestock diseases

To provide solutions that ensure the wellbeing of companion animals and livestock without any adverse impact on the environment through research on disease prevention and control.

  • Developing disease control strategies for veterinary diseases.
  • Determining the antimicrobial resistance in imported day-old chicks, rabbits and squires.
  • Using of housefly and black soldier fly larvae to replace fishmeal in poultry feed as alternative protein source.
  • Developing evidence-based control strategies on the epidemiology of parasites and other infectious pathogens of veterinary and public health importance.
  • Determining the ideal inclusion levels of forages in composite diets that will enhance the general performance and health of rabbits.
  • Epidemiology of soil-transmitted helminthiasis in livestock keeping communities.
  • Zoonotic potential of Cryptosporidium and Gaiardia duodenalis in animals.
  • Developing disease control strategies for diseases of veterinary and public health importance.
  • Awareness creation on animal health and zoonosis among animal handlers such as butchers, livestock farmers, students and research workers.
  • Organizing training workshops on animal health management, biosecurity and farmer health and safety
  • Developing fliers and training manuals on livestock health management in collaboration with VSD, public health workers and animal production experts.
  • Passive Surveillance of animal diseases through post-mortems and reporting the findings.
  • Antibacterial activity of Phyllanthus amarus in rabbits.
  • Investigating respiratory and reproductive system diseases of economic significance in poultry.
  • Investigations into infectious and non-infectious diseases of livestock, poultry and companions animals and their potential public health implications.
  • Production of Escherichia coli, salmonella and Chicken I 2 vaccine vaccines
  • Testing and validation of the efficacy of acaricide for animal use.
  • Assessing the use of natural and synthetic bacteria as control agents for Rhipicephallus and Amblyoma ticks of livestock.
  • Studying the prevalence of coccidiosis and haemorrhagic disease in rabbits (RHD).
  • Production of feed enzymes and probiotic production.
  • Research proposal and grant writing