Technologies Developed By CSIR Animal Research Institute

CSIR-Animal Research Institute has developed a nucleus breeding population as a source of parental and commercial broiler day old chicks in order to forestall the regular importation of broiler day old chicks. This locally developed broilers ARIBRO broiler has:

  • Impressive growth rate
  • Low fat yield
  • Very low mortality rate (more adapted to the harsh tropical environment compared to foreign ones).


Breeds of sheep and goat had been developed by CSIR-ARI that has higher survivability with increased birth weight. For example, the improved sheep is 50% heavier than local breed and has 34% lower mortality

  • Impressive growth rate
  • Low fat yield
  • Very low mortality rate (more adapted to the harsh tropical environment compared to foreign ones).

The pelletized feed ensures sustainable supply of feed.

  • The technology ensures improved and uniform animal performance based on diet.
  • The pelletized feed technology has shown reduced cost of feed
  • It ensures wholesome delivery of feed.
  • The usage of the technology leads to increased utilization of feed and reduce waste.

  • Energy cost for meat processing is reduced drastically due to free acess to sun energy
  • It is suitable for drying all kinds of food products such as vegetables, cereals, fish, meat etc.
  • It is environmentally friendly since no waste is produced.
  • It is mobile

The ARI-Smoker produces smoked guinea fowl with low soot levels. The improved smoker can be used to smoke about 200 dressed guinea fowl at a time. .

  • Improved efficiency in heating and smoking
  • The use of bricks allows maximum heat retention.
  • Can be fabricated to any specification to suit client’s budget and needs
  • Suitable for processing large numbers of guinea fowl and bigger operation

Feed packages for pigs comprising of Palm Kernel, cotton seed and sheanut and Cocoa-in-shell cakes, cocoanut chaff, copra cake, cassava peels, rice bran, soybean meal, cocoa pod husk, maize bran were evaluated chemically and used in feed formulation at different levels and fed to pigs. The technology is useful to the livestock industry especially those in pig rearing and feed millers.

This product is to solve the dry season feeding challenges in livestock production as a means to control the Cattle herder-Crop farmer conflicts in Ghana. Product is fortified with minerals. Salts supplementation is a critical part of a nutritionally balanced diet for animals.

CSIR-Animal Research Institute has adapted the technology known as Indigenous Microorganism (IMO) technology for raising pigs on sawdust in a way that ensures that foul smells are avoided and there are savings in labour and feed costs.

  • Reduces feed cost by 20-30%
  • Reduced labour cost because there is no scrubbing of sties and cleaning of pigs.
  • Cleaner animals
  • Reduced disease outbreaks
  • Pigs on IMO grow faster because feed conversion rate is very high.

Eggs that get damaged does not need to become a waste. The CSIR-Animal Research Institute produces Egg Yolk Oil from the yolk of chicken eggs. This product has many industrial applications such as the preparations for use by those allergic to egg, producing cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

CSIR-Animal Research Institute has developed over the years improved and acclimatized forage seeds and planting materials that can be used to develop communal pasture lands in livestock producing areas of Ghana.