Ms. Susuana Asaam
Principal Techologist


Degrees: M. Sc. (KNUST, Ghana), B. Sc. Biochemistry (UCC, Ghana)

Awards and Recognitions: RSA, SSA & TUC


Research Interests
  • Evaluating meat processing and storage operation for safety, quality and nutritional values.
  • Studying new methods to improve aspects of meats, such as chemical composition, flavor, colour, texture, nutritional value and convenience
  • Researching new regulations and current events regarding meat processing.

  • Current Research
    My research interest lies in evaluating meat processing techniques that reduces the fats and heme pigments in meat. Washing process is one of the practical methods to produce surimi-like material (SLM) resulting in higher myofibrillar protein concentration with lower fat. This could be employed in the processing of meat by- products from noble parts with low marketing value to promote high value-addition commercial meat products.


    Ms. Susuana Asaam is a Principal Technologist at the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research-Animal Research Institute, (CSIR-ARI). She holds an M. Phil degree in Food Quality Management from Kwame Nkrumah University Science Technology and B. Sc in Biochemistry from University of Cape Coast. Her research and development activities focus on exploring new methods to improve essential aspects of meats such as chemical composition, flavor, color, texture, nutritional value and convenience. Researching new regulations and current events regarding meat processing, evaluating meat processing and storage operation for safety, quality and nutritional values. She has vast experience when it comes to performing and rendering laboratory services, adhering to defined set of quality criteria for standard measurement and assurance. She has background in the essential knowledge disciplines such as food microbiology, food toxicology, additives, food risk management, plant sanitation management, food laws, statistical methods and consumer perception of food products. She participated in the project “Development of molecular assay for rapid, reliable and non-invasive sex determination in guinea fowl keets (Numida meleagris)”. She presently has one peer-reviewed journal publication in her name.


    Refereed Journal Papers
    1. Massingue, A. A., Torres Filho, R. D. A., Fontes, P. R., Asaam, S., Gomes, M. E. D. S., Ramos, A. D. L. S., and Ramos, E. M. (2019). Effect of washing cycles and solutions on chemical composition and physico-chemical properties of surimi‐like material from mechanically deboned turkey meat. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 43(5)


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