Mr. Peter Asiedu, Head of Division & Senior Research Scientist


Office: ARI Room 6



Research Interest
  • Improve the reproductive performance of pigs and the survivability of piglets.
  • To evaluate the chemical and nutritional value of feeds ingredients including agro industrial by product-based diets and feed supplements for commercial pig production.

  • Current Research

    Currently, the focuse of my research has been to investigate the feasibility of using processed hatchery waste as meal (HWM) or protein source in place of fish meal (FM) in rations for grower-finisher pigs.
    The study is focused on:

    1. Determine the quantities of hatchery wastes generated by selected hatcheries in the Greater Accra region and establish how these hatcheries handle and dispose off their wastes.
    2. Develop a simple, cheap and effective technology for handling and processing hatchery wastes into a form that can be incorporated into formulated rations and at the same time render them safe for pig consumption.
    3. Compare growth and cost benefit analysis of HWM in formulating diets for grower-finisher pigs.
    4. Determine possible adverse effects on pig health when HWM replaces FM
    5. Assessment of carcass characteristics [gut health of broiler chickens with the aim to evaluate the impact of dietary fibre on the gut health of broiler chickens.] Significance and Benefits of the study will be:
      • Promoting use of hatchery by-products as feedstuff for pigs.
      • Increasing the production of pigs by overcoming a major feeding constraint in terms of supply of protein, minerals and energy ingredients.
      • Creating a range of useful products that add on to the economic value of hatchery wastes for the poultry industry.
      • Improving the state of the environment by reducing pollution caused by poor disposal of hatchery wastes.


    Mr. Peter Asiedu is a pig expert with specialisation in Animal Nutrition and Management. He is a Senior Research Scientist and the Officer-In-Charge of the Katamanso Station of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research-Animal Research Institute (CSIR-ARI). He holds B. Sc. Agriculture and M. Phil Animal Nutrition both from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana. He is currently pursuing PhD in Animal Science at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. His expertise includes among others the formulation of diets and rations for maximize growth and reproduction performance of non-ruminants particularly pigs. His research focuses on aassessing the comparative nutritional and economic value of feeding systems, research on the effectiveness of dietary regimes, conduct animal-based studies and laboratory trials and liaise with product and client’s development office to understand customers specific needs. Further to these, He lends support to commercial teams in producing and launching new products, use software to formulate diets, conduct research and generate reports, investigate nutritional disorders and the safe storage of feeds. He has been involved in several donor-funded projects and consultancies which have had significant impact on society and the country at large. These include the Skills Development Fund - I and II, West African Agricultural Development Program (WAAPP 1), Thousand Plus Fresh Milk Project I & II (IFDC), Best Environmental Technology, (Best Canada), 2Scale Project – Fresh Milk Cluster etc. He serves on a number of committees such as the Skills Development Fund (SDF) procurement committee, exhibition sub-committee for ECOWAS trade Fair, publicity sub-committee of the local organizing committee of Ghana Society of Animal Production (GSAP) Symposium, local organizing committee of the Ghana Science Association conference (year???). He has also been a key resource person for a number of national workshops on agriculture with focus on livestock. He has so far published peer-reviewed papers which have become reference points for Ghana’s agriculture development. (really debatable point)


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