Mr. Sadat Salifu
Research Scientist


Degrees: M. Phil. (KNUST, Ghana) BSc Agriculture Technology (UDS)

Active Affiliations: Ghana Society for Animal Production (GSAP),
Ghana Science Association (GSA)


Research Interest
  • Reproduction and nutrition interactions.
  • Amelioration of environmental stressors on physiology and productivity of livestock.
  • Improving livestock productivity under resource-poor conditions.

  • Current Research
  • I am currently working with livestock farmers in northern Ghana under the USAID-funded Africa RISING project to deliver productivity-enhancing technologies (supplementary feed and health packages, improved feeding practices, etc.) to improve the performance of small ruminants and enhance the incomes and food security of farmers.

  • I have also begun conducting studies on how acute and chronic environmental stressors (heat, nutritional stress and pollutants) impact the physiology and reproductive performance of farmed livestock in the Guinea Savannah of northern Ghana. I hope to validate non-invasive methods of assessing stress in livestock as well as designing measures to alleviate the effect of these stressors.

  • Current Projects
  • Africa RISING project

    Mr. Sadat Salifu has a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Technology from the University for Development Studies (UDS), Tamale, Ghana and a Master of Philosophy degree in Reproductive Physiology from KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana. He has 10 years’ experience in designing and implementing livestock research for development. He works with smallholder farmers to tap the full potential of their livestock experience and exposure through the adoption of simple productivity-enhancing technologies. He has worked with local and international partners and received funding for research from CIDA, DFAT and ILRI. Some of the projects he has worked on include the CIDA Small Ruminant project, the CIDA/FABS guinea fowl project, WAAPP guinea fowl project and the CIDA/MLGRD small ruminant breeding project. He is currently the contact person at CSIR-ARI for the implementation of the USAID-funded Africa RISING project which he is implementing in partnership with ILRI. Mr. Sadat Salifu has a background in reproductive physiology and his research focus is on how acute and chronic environmental stressors impact the physiology and reproductive performance of farmed livestock. His current research is in identifying non-invasive ways of assessing stress in livestock as well as designing measures to alleviate the effect of these stressors.


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    Conference Papers
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