Research Highlights

Vaccine Development Using Egg Technology.

One of the lessons of Covid-19 is accelerating local capacity building in vaccine development and manufacturing. CSIR-ARI has had a vaccine development program for animals for many years but Covid-19 and the advent of the One-Health approach to health care has broaden the horizon for collaboration and the urgency to accelerate the program. CSIR-ARI is collaborating with international and local organizations such as Avril Biopharma and Lansort Biopharma to develop vaccines for animals and humans. A close collaborator is our sister CSIR Biomedical and Public Health Unit of the CSIR-WRI. Other partners include La Veterinary Hospital, Agroteque Services etc.

Our project adopts EggPharm and the novel AdCEV technologies for vaccine R&D due to its significant cost reduction and ease of production. We welcome other organizations who would like to join this consortium.