Get Trained In Livestock Production


The CSIR – Animal Research Institute conducts scheduled training in livestock production at least three (3) to four (4) times a year at a fee. These trainings are open to the public and anyone can apply to attend. The Institute also conducts trainings sponsored by groups or organisations.

The current training programmes are as follows:
  1. Grasscutter production (1 day) - GHC380.
  2. Rabbit production (1 day) - GHC380.
  3. Poultry production (2 days) - GHC760
  4. Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) production (2 days) - GHC760
  5. Sheep and Goat production (2 days) - GHC760
  6. Pig production (3 days) - GHC1,140

All the training programmes have theory and practical components and certificate of participation is awarded after completion of a programme.

However, alternative venues can be agreed based on request and other technical considerations.


The trainings are conducted on site at the Frafraha Station of the CSIR – Animal Research Institute, off the Adenta Dodowa Road. Digital address is GA-018-9651

Other attractions

The Institute develops and maintains relationship with all its clients and provides further technical assistance as they start and grow their livestock production businesses.

Forthcoming training programmes

The third and last batch of training programmes for 2023 will take place in November and December.


Telephone: +233(0)55 759 5330/233-30-912178/9