Mr Kingsley Odum Sam
Research Scientist

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Degrees: M. Phil (UG, Ghana), B.Sc (UG, Ghana)

Active Affiliations: RSA


Research Interests
  • Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS)
  • Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA)
  • Conservation Agriculture (CA)
  • Sustainable Agriculture Intensification (SAI)
  • Agricultural Value Chain Analysis
  • Agriculture and Food Systems
  • Sustainable Development
  • Livelihoods and Gender Mainstreaming
  • Farmer Technology Adoption

  • Current Research
  • CGIAR Research Programme on Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) in West Africa
  • Profiling and Characterization of Conservation Agriculture Practices and Adoption in Guinea Savannah, Sudan Savannah and Transitional Agro-Ecological Zones of Ghana
  • Capacitating CSA Science-Policy Dialogue Platforms for Sustainable Climate Change Governance and Agriculture in Ghana
  • Agricultural Systems Research for Sustainable Development and Climate Change Governance in Ghana

  • Current Projects
  • Capacitation, Valorization and Visibility enhancement of National and District Level
  • Climate Smart AgricultureScience-Policy DIalogue Platforms in Ghana
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of (M & E) Ghana CCAFS Platform Interventions
  • Climate Smart Agriculture Investment Planning (CSAIP) for Ghana
  • Gender Profile of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) in Ghana


    Dr. Kingsley Odum Sam is a Ghanaian who holds a Master of Philosophy degree in Agricultural Administration with emphasis on agricultural economics and a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Science both from the University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana.). He has over ten years work experience in the research, development and academic domains. He has extensive practical exposure in public and private sectors operations with rich experience in research programmes and projects development and implementation. He is currently a research scientist and monitoring and evaluation focal person at CSIR-Animal Research Institute. His expertise include undertaking socio-economic research, project analysis, appraisals and management, business planning and development, monitoring, evaluation (M & E) and learning, econometric modeling and impact assessment; and livestock agribusiness. His research interest mainly focuses on climate change, agriculture, food security (CCAFS), climate smart agriculture (CSA), conservation agriculture (CA), sustainable agriculture intensification (SAI), agricultural value chain analysis, agriculture and food systems and sustainable development. He has been involved in a number of donor-funded projects and consultancies, which have contributed to influence policy and society . Among the key ones are the CGIAR research programme on climate change agriculture and food security (CCAFS) in West Africa (ICRISAT); profiling and characterization of conservation agriculture practices and adoption in Guinea Savannah, Sudan Savannah and Transitional Agro-Ecological Zones of Ghana (UNFAO); climate smart agriculture investment planning (CSAIP) for Ghana (World Bank); transition towards climate smart agriculture (CSA) food systems: developing investment framework for mobilization of resources into climate smart agriculture (CSA) in Ghana (UNFAO); West African Agricultural Productivity Program (WAAPP) Phase II (World Bank) and sustainable land and water management (SLWM) project (World Bank/IDA). He has assisted in the establishment of ten (10) Sub-national Science-Policy Dialogue Platforms in Ghana to facilitate research actions on climate change and related studies in various agro-ecological zones; co-generate evidence-based information and knowledge to influence policy and investment decision-making. He is an active member of the ‘Ghana National Science-Policy Dialogue Platform on CCAFS’; ‘Sustainable Agricultural Intensification Research Learning Alliance (SAIRLA)’; ‘Ghana National Learning Alliance (GH-NLA)’; ‘Platform for African & European Partnership in Agricultural Research for Development Phase II (PAEPARD II)’ and ‘CSIR Research Staff Association (RSA)’. He has contributed to publications of relevant scientific research knowledge products such as books (4), peer-reviewed journal/conference papers (5), info notes (3) working papers (1)


    List of current publications
    (peer reviewed)
    1. Shaibu, M. T., Munkaila, L., Kanlisi, R. and Sam, K. O. (2019). Effects of socio- economic characteristics on livestock production among youths in the Savelugu-Nanton District. Journal of Ag ricultural Science and Food Technology;

    2. Botchway, V. A., Karbo, N., Sam, K. O., Nutsukpo, D. K. and Zougmore, R. (2019). Comparative cost-benefit analysis of CSA practices in the Guinea savannah and Forest agro-ecological zones of Ghana: Implications for CSA investment and scalability at sub-national level. 3rd Africa Climate Smart Agriculture Alliance Forum. 27th – 28th March

    3. Botchway, V. A., Karbo, N., Sam, K. O., Nutsukpo, D. K. and Zougmore, R. (2015). Profile of Climate Smart Agricultural Technologies in the Guinea Savannah and Forest Agro Ecological Zones in Ghana. Ghana Society of Animal Production. 19th Biennial Conference. 5th-8th August, 2015. University of Cape Coast, Cape Coats, Ghana.

    4. Karbo, N., Sam, K. O., Botchway, V. A., Tortin, E., Traore, P. S and Zougmore, R. (2015). Formation of Sub-National Level Climate Change Science-Policy Platforms in Northern Ghana: Process Issues, Inclusiveness and Diversity in Leadership Institutions. Ghana Society of Animal Production. 19th Biennial Conference. 5th-8th August, 2015. University of Cape Coast, Cape Coats, Ghana.

    5. Nkegbe E. , Munkaila L. and Odoom-Sam K. (2013). Regulatory compliance of smallholder livestock farmers and herdsmen in the use of acaricides and gastrointestinal anthelmintics in sub-urban Accra, Ghana. International Journal of Diseases and Disorders 1 (4), 039-044

    1. UNFAO (2017). Investment Framework for Mobilization of Resources into Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) in Ghana

    2. Karbo, N., Botchway, V. A., Sam, K. O., Nutsukpo, D., Essegbey, G. O., Akuffobea, M., Zougmore, R. and Partey, S. (2016). “Climate-Smart Agricultural Practices in Ghana. Climate-Smart Agriculture Book. Ghana CCAFS Science-Policy Dialogue Platform, CSIR. Ghana

    3. Sam, K. O., Botchway, V. A. and Karbo, N. (2015). Technologies and Practices for Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) in Ghana: A Participatory Profiling Manual. CSA Booklet. Ghana CCAFS Science-Policy Dialogue Platform.

    4. MoFA (2015). National Climate-Smart Agriculture and Food Security Action Plan


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