Mr. Thomas Agyei Ansong
Principal Technologist (Food & Post-harvest)

Office: ARI Room 46


Degrees: B. Sc. (UG, Ghana), M. Phil. (KNUST, Ghana)

Active Affiliations: RSA


Research Interest
  • Animal feed technology
  • Drying technology application in product preservation
  • Post-harvest handling of animal products
  • New products development from animal sources

  • Current Research
    Development of powdered egg products (Albumen powder, whole egg powder and egg yolk powder)


    Mr. Thomas Agyei Ansong Thomas is a Principal Technologist (Food and Post-harvest) with the New Products Development, Food Safety and Marketing division of the CSIR-Animal Research Institute since 2018. He has a B. Sc. (Agricultural Engineering) degree from University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana which was awarded in 2013. He also has an M.Phil. in Food and Post-harvest Engineering from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana. In the past two years his work has centred been around developing and finding, new and alternative use for eggs in order to reduce loses. This has led to the development of powdered egg products.


    Refereed Journal Papers
    1. Agyei, A. T. and Addo, A. 2018. Particles size as feed quality parameter in Ghana – A case study of Dormaa Municipality. Poultry Science Journal; 6, 109 - 117.

    2. Wiafe, S., Wiafe-Addai, B. and Agyei A, T. 2014. Influence of a community- based breast health education model on early diagnosis of breast cancer in Ghanaian women. Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology; 10, 147 - 148.

    3. Wiafe, S., Wiafe-Addai, B., Agyei A, T. and Schuierer, C. 2014. Addressing delayed breast cancer presentation In Ghana through community outreach programs. Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology 10, 219-219.


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