Solomon Pigangsoa Konlan, PhD
Senior Research Scientist


Degrees: PhD. (UDS, Ghana), M.Sc. (KNUST, Ghana)

Active Affiliations: Ghana Society of Animal Production,
Ghana Animal Science Association.


Research Interest
  • Sustainable livestock nutrition for increasing productivity through intensification, quality feeding and efficient feed utilization.
  • Developing and testing climate-smart agricultural technologies in mitigating climate change in an integrated crop-livestock production system such as screening and promoting drought-tolerant fodder species for adoption by farmers. Testing of multi-purpose sorghum varieties as food feed crops.

  • Current Research
    His research interest and focuses are in the area of sustainable livestock production through intensification and efficient feed resource utilization to produce the needed animal protein for the increasing population. Development of best animal feeding technologies for increasing productivity within the declining range resources. These include but not limited to technologies on supplementary feeding of ruminants, grazing management, forage quality evaluation, optimizing resource use in crop-livestock system, crop residues storage, crop residues and agro-industrial by-products supplementation techniques, fodder marketing, pasture development and climate smart agricultural techniques for sustainable productivity and maintenance of the resiliency of the environment.

    Current Projects
    Testing improved feeding trough for efficient feed utilization. USAID feed the future initiative, Africa RISING project Phase II. The current project is investigating levels of reduction in feed wastage in supplementary feeding or zero grazing through the use of an efficient and improved feeding trough technology in northern Ghana. This technology uses local materials in constructing the feeding troughs for easy adoption by farmers.


    Dr, Solomon Pigangsoa Konlan is a Senior Research Scientist of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research - Animal Research Institute (CSIR-ARI), Nyankpala Station. He holds PhD degree in Animal Science, Nutrition Option from University for Development Studies, (UDS) Tamale, Ghana (2018) and M. Sc. in Animal Nutrition from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi, Ghana (2010). He was international Livestock Research Institute’s (ILRI) graduate fellow from 2013 to 2016. His expertise is in the area of best livestock production management practices to ensure food security and income generation among practitioners. The core includes among others animal nutrition (ruminant grazing management and supplementary feeding). optimization of resource use in crop-livestock production system through nutrient cycling from different enterprises in the farming system to increase productivity. Best practices on crop residues harnessing, storage and supplementation of grazing animals especially in the dry season or for fattening of small ruminants. Formulations of agro-industrial by-products for supplementation of animals. Fodder market development to enhance feed availability in urban areas for animal production and fattening for sale. Pasture development through quality assessment and improving the management of natural pasture to maintain quality and resiliency of the environment. On-farm demonstration of improved forage cultivation to increase feed availability. Dr. Konlan has 19publications in refereed journals and edited conference proceedings. He is external examiner for the graduate students of the Department of Animal Science, University for Development Studies. He is a reviewer for a number scientific journals among which are Ghana Journal of Animal Science, West African Journal of Applied Ecology (WAJAE) and Journal of Agricultural Science and food Technology. He has been involved in a number of donor-funded projects which have had significant impact on communities especially smallholder farmers. This include the intensification of integrated crop-livestock systems in northern Ghana for sustainable increase in smallholder farm productivity, USAID feed the future initiatives through Africa RISING project phase I, sustainable intensification of integrated crop-small ruminant production systems in West Africa, funded by the Australian government agency for international development (AusAID). I was a A team member in investigating how to increase guinea fowl eggs availability and hatching rate in the dry season ( funded by CIDA under the Food and Agriculture Budgetary Support Scheme). Availability and utilization of feed resources in crop - small ruminant production among smallholder farmers in northern Ghana( funded by USAID feed the future initiatives through Africa RISING project phase I). He is currently working on efficient animal feeding using improved feeding troughs that reduce feed waste ( funded by USAID feed the future initiatives through Africa RISING project phase II).


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